Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Finds

We had a truly fantastic weekend!  Jeremy and I went to have lunch with my sister Stacie and we stopped at a few garage and estate sales on the way. The pickin’ was the best so far this year. We found plenty of Pyrex and costume jewelry that will be in the shop this week. I was excited to find a Fire King milk white bowl with aqua diamonds around it. It is going to match our dinnerware perfectly! For a dollar I found a vintage hole punch that is going to work great for crafting.

We had lunch at one of those sushi places where the servings are on a conveyer belt and you grab what you want to eat. It was fun to see what’s coming down the sushi bar and for $2 a plate, we got to try all sorts of tasty food. My sister and I headed to the Muzeo in Anaheim to check out the Steampunk exhibit. If you have a chance to check it out before February 12th, you totally should. They have gadgets, costumes and even a time machine. We saw a group of five dressed up wearing vests, skirts and other awesome wears that fit the Victorian Romance era of the 19th century. Wish we had taken photos of them but we forgot the camera and the inside of the museum was a no photo zone.

This weekend was also the Tinkerbell half marathon at Disneyland and surrounding areas of Anaheim. Although we didn’t run in any of the events we decided to check out the Disney Run Expo. ABC was there promoting Pan Am and giving away awesome crossbody bags and luggage tags. So glad we were there at the right time to get these bags. As for free stuff, there wasn’t too much left by the time we showed up. We did get to try Happy Squeeze smoothie products which are organic fruit and veggie pouches filled with yummy goodness. My favorite was the orange pumpkin and got to bring home a whole pouch. I’m off for a run so that I can have it after!
Yum! Sushi.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mad About This

Back in October we sold a set of four Pyrex 464 custard bowls to someone we thought might be a buyer for one of our favorite shows, Mad Men. Today we received positive feedback from Mad Men Season 5 confirming our suspicions! We can't wait to watch season 5 while keeping an eye out for our Pyrex custard cups.
Should you spot them, let us know.

Want a set for yourself? We have a similar listing at the shop now:

Pyrex custard cups to spot on season 5 of Mad Men

Pyrex custard cups in the shop now

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Katch This!

Don’t you love it when you find like-minded people? A new friend who loves vintage, repurposing and creating is just what we’ve found at Katch Studio. Visit Kat’s blog and check out her designs, fantastic spindle shelf and while you’re at it click on our ad!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sneak Peak!

What is better for winter than a fashionable coat. Stacie modeled a beautiful blonde Miller Fur and a stunning chocolate faux fur coat by Betty Rose. The Betty Rose coat, although from the 1960s, still has the extra button sewed into the inside lining! How great is that?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh The Places We Go: Tar Pits

It was a busy weekend! We celebrated my sister’s birthday in Los Angeles at the La Brea Tar Pits. If you have not been, you should. Imagine Ice Age fossils being found in a huge metropolitan area. No dinosaurs, but plenty of Mammoths, sloths and wolves. It’s Ice Age meets Hollywood. We’d been to the museum before but this time we took the walking tour and it was neat to hear about the different ongoing digs. Sadly due to funding they are only able to dig for 2 to 3 months a year.

For lunch we stopped off at the famous deli Philippe where they serve yummy French dip sandwiches. The lines are always long but the food delicious. While waiting for our sandwiches I took some birthday photos of my sister against a brick wall that’s had graffiti added over the years by the patrons. There was tremendous amount of sunlight coming in through the windows which had a neat effect on the photos.
Before heading home we stopped at Spudnuts. Yes, that's right people donuts made from potato. Our favorite! During the drive home I snapped a few photos to share. Enjoy!

The Birthday Girl!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It’s finally here. That time of year when we obliged to ask about resolutions and either respond with gusto or mutter something or other to get past the question. I’m not big on resolutions per se however Jeremy and I do have plans for 2012. Last year started out with a mission to travel more and for the first three quarters of the year we were successful in visiting Seattle, hiking into Ventura and LA county as well as a road trip through New England with my brother in law and sisters in law. We didn’t quite make it to 11 new places in 2011 but sure came close. We also resolved to be more green and make less of an impact by limiting waste. We did a great job! Unless necessary we eliminated buying and drinking bottled water. We use BPA free water bottles in the car and for our runs at the track, and at home drink from glass pint glasses. We really buckled down with taking our own shopping bags to the grocery store, except when shopping at Target. For some reason the size of their bags fit out trashcans perfectly so we use those as liners. We’ve tried hard to incorporate the green mentality with our shop as well by reusing boxes, finding people on Craigslist that are giving away packing paper and really only purchase packing tape to send everything off safely.  
Becoming an Etsy seller we’ve also started shopping local and trying to avoid mass produced department stores. Don’t get me wrong, I pretty much live in Gap T-shirts and jeans, but this Christmas we made many of the gifts we gave or gave gift cards for local businesses. We have a winter garden that has given us much of our green lettuce and spinach. The unseasonably warm weather here in Southern California has given us little peas and broccoli this winter, but we are anticipating our summer garden and can’t wait to try growing some new veggies.

Enough about last year – Beyond the standard “Eat healthy, exercise more” resolution, this year we plan on buckling down and finding new creative ideas for our shop. We love vintage and because we both have crafty skills want to take some of the vintage inspiration and create. After visiting our local library we’ve been researching mid century art and design to get our ideas together. Hopefully we will have some new items to share in a month or so.
Personally, I’m looking forward to sewing more. I might even try at my first dress. I’ve always loved taking photos of people, dogs, or anything artsy so I’m going to take a class on using all of the functions on my camera. Jeremy is also teaching me to use power tools and we are working on some projects together. If nothing else, I might help get some of his projects done to clear out some space in the garage.

Thank you for following us this last year. We look forward to sharing much more vintage, weekend finds and more. Here's to a great year.