Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Finds

We didn’t forget to blog about it! Promise. We had rain. Imagine that in Southern California. Since we take the majority of our photos outside I’m sure you can see how that slowed us down. Not to worry! The sun is shining once again and all is right now.

Friday was a very busy day for us. We went to NINE estate sales all before noon! Our treasures begin with vintage 1960s cameras; one Kodak and one Polaroid. Since hearing about Kodak’s dark cloud we’ve been on the lookout for cameras and books made by them. They were a significant American company when it came to film and now they are truly going the way of the dinosaurs. I also found a lobster or crab eating kit with the cracker and 5 picks. Yum! The icing on the cake was a 1960s Lucite cake cover.

Jeremy found some fantastic 1960s suit jackets that he is keeping for himself. Don’t fret! We will have a photo shoot once they are back from the cleaners.

Here’s to a great week!

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