Monday, May 14, 2012

Wood Designs Debut & ACE

Last night I caught myself smiling as I was falling asleep. That is just how great this weekend went. We debuted our wood designs at the AnaheimArt Crawl Experience and had a fantastic time! All of our wood designs are made from reclaimed wood gathered in North Orange County. Most of it has been taken from torn down structures and trimmed trees. In repurposing the wood, we are reusing and recycling which is an added bonus to our green practices. In other words, no new trees were harmed in the making our designs.
Our largest designs are our Block Art series which is made using reclaimed redwood and eucalyptus. Framed in pieces of weathered redwood are blocks, diagonal cuts, layers and even cross sections of wood. They can be hung on a wall or placed on a table top. The flat designs can even be used as trivets when serving hot dishes.  

Our wood brooches are made from Ficus branches and are perfect for anyone! The most simple of our designs is wood that is sealed for protection or stained to add a bit of color. I have hand painted some with  retro designs like an anchor, cherries, even an owl. For a fancier look is a wood brooch with lace across the front.  Jeremy wore one of these for the craft show and I was surprised by how a beard can make lace look manly! Who knows, maybe they will catch on as the new wedding boutonniere? Last but not least we have our most colorful design that I call Citrus Squeeze is wood brooches in bright colors with splattered paint designs.
With some pieces of beams and larger wood we made candle holders cut into different designs. We displayed these on old ladders which fit just great.
We can’t wait to get our new wood designs in the shop!
This event’s theme was UFO Crash Landing and featured UFO artists among the other live artists and indie art and craft vendors. For eats there were a few food trucks and a beer and wine garden out of Good Food.  There was shuttle stops that visited the Muzeo and Anaheim Brewery.
After the craft show we headed over to Planet TNEZ for the Monsters, Creatures and the Strange exhibit hosted by artist Tommy Martinez. We met great people and left with a gift of oranges. For The Sunshine Grove nothing signified the debut of a new beginning like starting the evening and ending it with fresh organic oranges!  


  1. This is so cute! I'm actually looking for a ladder to turn into a display :) :) Looks great!


    1. Thanks Sarah! I can't take credit for the ladder idea. My dad suggested it and it was perfect. Good luck on the ladder hunt.


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