Monday, September 10, 2012

A Place I Live: Apples, Apple Cider and Apple Donuts

September means one thing for our family: Apple Picking. For years we’ve made the drive out to Oak Glen to be met with orchards of apples ready to be picked. If we are early enough in the season like we were this year, there are a larger variety of apples and even sweet, red raspberries.

We pick at Los Rios Ranch, where they had Spartan, Gala and Red Delicious orchards open for picking. We collected half a bushel of apples with some of each kind and two baskets of raspberries. It was opening weekend when we went out this time and although it was a bit hot, the crowds weren’t too big which really nice.
When we were done picking we headed over to Riley’s Store for some apple cider and to pick up some tasty pumpkin butter and preserves. If you prefer not to pick, you can purchase your apples there, have some BBQ and listen to the band. For the animal lovers they have a small petting zoo with a llama, cow, sheep and angora goats which are super cute with their soft coat.

On our way back down we stop in at Snow Line Orchard for some apple donuts made right on site. They also have three kinds of cider: apple, raspberry apple and cherry apple. This orchard is a bit smaller but they have raspberries you can pick, apples for purchase and a small antique shop in the back.

Our last stop is at the Oak Tree Village where there are a few unique shops to walk through including one that recently has a good selection of Pyrex. If you are a fan of apple pie they serve slices with ice cream.

Do you and your family have any fall traditions?
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  1. I love picking fruit. I can't wait to go out and pick some myself. I'm thinking this weekend.

  2. I've always wanted to go apple picking! Thats one my bucket list for this fall! It just seems like so much fun and a great way to enjoy the crisper weather! I just found your blog from bbn! Keep it up!

    Your Newest Follower,

    1. Welcome Hannah! It is tons of fun! I wish the weather had been crisp when we went out. Enjoy!


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