Friday, March 1, 2013

52 Lists: All Time Top 5 Favorite Albums

I’m going to share more than just my top 5 favorite albums, but this week’s topic really strikes a chord. Pun intended. One of my favorite books movies is High Fidelity which is about music and of course love. Who doesn’t love a mixed tape? I know I did in the 90s and still do today, even if the music today is technically on CD or ethereally digital.

That’s right folks, I am still a CD buyer. In this day and age where you can log on and buy a song or album in seconds, I prefer to find a store that still sells compact disks. If my car had a tape deck, I might go so far as to listen to cassettes too.
I’ve always loved music, even though I’m not too great at any instrument or singing. I get that from my grandparents who to this day always have music playing in their house or car. My parents on the other hand thought that buying music was a waste of money mainly because it’s free on the radio. I’m happy to say that I married a fellow music lover, who can play instruments, sing harmony and also enjoys buying physical albums of music.
In fact we knew we were in a “serious” relationship when we felt committed enough to combine our music collections. Even though we have very similar taste in music we were very surprised to find that we had minimal overlap in albums making for a large CD collection.
I started making a list of my favorite albums and decided that favoring an entire album was a lot to commit to. Sometimes an entire album just isn’t that great, but has an awesome song that I just can’t live without. Instead I made a mixed tape. Hope you like it.

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  1. Think I am showing my age cos I have only heard of a few of them. What would be the one album off that list that you insist I should listen to?


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