Thursday, January 16, 2014

Please Excuse the Dust

Now that the dust has settled my brain is a lot less fuzzy. I haven’t been writing much because I have been at odds with how I want to continue The Sunshine Grove blog. I have all of these ideas and didn’t think they fit in with what The Sunshine Grove had become. Then I remembered, The Sunshine Grove is my creation and can be whatever I want it to be. And so it will be.
I don’t want to write following SEO guideline to get more hits, join a bunch of linky parties to network with other bloggers or feel pressed to comment all over the blog-o-sphere for more followers. Readers are important. Without them what would be the grand point of blogging? I want people to come read The Sunshine Grove because they want to read what I have to share. I felt like I was writing posts for the type of readers I thought I wanted. With this revamp I may very well lose some readers, but I might gain some new ones too and that’s fine with me.
While I was at it I cleaned house. I stopped following blogs that made me feel bad about my blog. You know the ones that had better photos than me, that posted a similar DIY project before I got around to do it or blogs that make doing it all look so easy. I was wasting so much time online looking at what I wanted to be like instead of being what I wanted to be. Blogging just wasn’t fun anymore!
Truth be told I haven’t read a blog post from blogs I follow since way back in September of last year. Is admitting that deadly for blogs I follow that follow me back? I hope not, because I follow some really awesome blogs. I just needed a break, ok?
From blogging that is. I did plenty with the end of 2013. I started a new job, was part of the Anaheim Halloween Parade committee, worked on a stop motion animation commercial, read a ton of books, canned for the holidays, supported my small local businesses and survived the holidays. Clearly I was busy.
But not too busy to start thinking of how The Sunshine Grove was going to grow with me. I’ve been changing the way I live my life. Do you remember last March when I visited the Natural Products Expo West and talked about the parallels between vintage and natural living? That’s a bit of what’s been going on here at the Grove. Maybe this makes me a vintage granola? Hopefully I’m still crunchy.
So what’s going to be new?
There will more about vintage living but in a different light. I’m not talking about vintage outfits or how to comb victory rolls. It’s about the nitty-gritty of vintage life, a simpler life. Victory gardens, preserving food, using natural products and trying to really reconnect with that old fashion school of thought that less is more.
What’s staying?
A Place I Live is just going to grow out of control. Anaheim is going through such an amazing revitalization and I’m very excited to share all of these changes. The best part is that the city is embracing its history and incorporating it into its transformation.
I had wonderful responses to my history posts about places and vintage things I’ve found that I will continue to share what I find. For those who have a similar love of Ranch homes I have some great treasures to share including 1950s and 1960s paint swatches and d├ęcor ideas for The Ranch onOrange.
Since my nose is always in a book expect more book reviews from Victory Book Club. Suggestions are always welcome as long as I can find it at the library.
Thanks for hanging in there during the transition. I love your comments and feedback so keep them coming with the new posts! And Happy New Year!

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  1. I'm glad you're back! I look forward to reading all of your new posts!


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