Thursday, August 28, 2014

Crafting Felt Flowers

My sister gifted me a 1950s spaghetti poodle pulling a little cart. After deciding that she is too fancy to join my other novelty planters in the backyard, I knew felt flowers would be the perfect bouquet for her little cart. I had just finished putting together felt brooches for my family and still had not only the felt flower bug, but plenty of felt to work with. I’ve been trying my hardest to use what craft supplies I have at home before purchasing new supplies, but I was out of black felt so I found myself also bringing home a beautiful red coral and light peach felt.
In the floral section, I found green wood sticks that were the perfect height for the flowers. I was going to use wood kabobs, but the floral sticks saved me the time of cutting them down to the right size and painting them green, plus they were inexpensive. Armed with my felt, wood stems and glue gun, I was ready to get crafting. I just had to figure out how to make some buds.

Since I already knew how to make felt roses, I started searching for other tutorials for felt flowers. Luckily my search was short, since my friend Lisa of The Makery had just pinned a felt flower tutorial from SomethingTurquoise showing how to make felt ranunculus, anemone and peony. I also wanted to add a couple of Marigolds for some pre-Dia de Los Muertos practice and tried a tutorial from Jones Design Company and Momnivor’s Dilemma.

I love how the flowers came out, and am loving how great they look in my poodle planter. I even made a few extra rose buds for my poodle cigarette holder that I was planning on using as a vase.

Have you crafted any felt flowers lately?

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