Thursday, January 1, 2015

Could 2015 Be Your Lightbulb Moment?

There are so many crunchy, sustainable, eco-friendly blogs out there – and let’s face it – the majority of them are mommy blogs. Sure they have some great information, but many of them write with the conviction that it was their pregnancy and caring for a new life that started them on their chemical free journey, which segmented into sustainable and eco-friendly choices. Well, I’m not a mom, nor do I plan to be one (you know, except to my dogs).

I am here to tell you that pregnancy and children are not needed for your light bulb moment and shouldn't be considered a requirement. There I said it. Professional, modern, child free women (and men) can have a healthy, chemical and plastic free, low waste life. I’ll go so far as to say that they deserve it. After all, hasn't eating organic, clean food been on trend for years? So why wait to have children for the added benefits of dumping chemicals and plastics? The answer is you shouldn't, and if you plan on children in the future, why not start improving your environment now?

The truth is anyone’s light bulb moment can come at any time, and really for whatever reason. My moment came when I was having a minor, yet irritating dermatological issue. Doctors couldn't tell me why, and even worse, they couldn't tell me what I could do to prevent it. I decided it wasn't okay to just deal with it, so I started by eliminating the conventional cosmetics I was applying to my skin. Yes, I’m telling you I went without deodorant. In the middle of summer. It was gross, I was stinky. But it also started healing my skin. While these days this is called an arm pit cleanse, it was my first real eye opener to a world filled with low to no chemicals that would 4 years later lead to ditching plastics and resolving to be as low waste as possible.

I was a modern, albeit vintage lover, professional twenty something year old who decided to treat myself and the earth with the same kindness.

So if you decide to start off the year stinky because of your arm pit cleanse, or greasy because you are transitioning to low ‘poo, congratulations. You’ll find no judgment here.

Happy New Year. 

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