Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Burst of color!

After thanking all of the Veterans, including the hubs and all of our other friends formerly of the USS Ronald Reagan, we started our Friday with what looked like a great list of estate sales. We were quickly very disappointed. There was the “estate sale” in the garage, the sale that had a handful of newer home decorations and of course the yard sale with baby clothes. Our last stop was in Long Beach and although there wasn’t much other than large beautiful pieces of furniture the home was a beauty. It was 2 stories, 2 blocks from the beach and built in the 1920s. Get this, it had a walk down basement too! Most of the doors around the house had caution tape but leave it to my mom and Jeremy to get those doors open to see what was behind them. I walked away with a navy blue and black coat with a faux fur collar circa 1950s and can’t wait to get it back from the dry cleaners.

While Jeremy and my dad were busy with my closet expansion project, mom and I started out on a late Saturday estate sale run. We had bad luck a second day in a row. We didn’t give up! After a bit of free stylin’ (just driving around), we spotted some hot pink posters with garage sale. After a weekend of disappointments we finally hit the big time. And by big time I mean little really. We found lots of vintage jewelry in bright colors. Clip on earrings, Bakelite bangles and loads of necklaces. My mom loves to match so she found some sets to bring home and I found some fun jewelry for the shop.

Bakelite bangles circa 1977

Mom's loot

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