Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa, does this fit down the chimney?

This weekend during the shop small business events we visited Community in Anaheim and the Patchwork Craft Fair Show in Santa Ana. I found the best faux fur hat at the Switchroom at Community. I'd post a photo but my mom is very strict on not being able to use, wear or look at Christmas gifts even if we picked them out and are not under 8 years old. We had a fun photo shoot using their homemade backgrounds too and ended Saturday with lunch at the Filling Station. Yum!

Sunday, Jeremy and I decided to see what the Patchwork Fair had in store. Lots of fun handmade treasures! The very best part was the vendor who used a vintage Shasta camper trailer as a backdrop for her shop at the fair. I loved it so much I couldn't leave without snapping a photo. Since yesterday I've decided that Santa must get me one for Christmas!

My Christmas Wish!

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