Friday, December 30, 2011

After Christmas Sales Oh So Brite!

There is nothing better than after Christmas discounts especially on Christmas d├ęcor and ornaments. Earlier in the season I had been at our local Marshall’s with my mom and she bought me a pack of 12 small vintage inspired ornaments by Christopher Radko. They are called Shiny Brite, just like the vintage ornaments from the 1950s. They were extra small and perfect for my metal Crate and Barrel Christmas tree.
I kept meaning to make it over to Marshalls again to see if there were anymore left. With my mom and sister in tow we headed out to seek some discounted Christmas bargains and I scored big! I found 3 boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments left over from the holiday season. One box had 6 larger balls and the other two boxes had 9 average sized balls each, in Christmas green with rings of glittery pink.
The boxes of ornaments were already on sale, however each box had at least 2 broken balls. I don’t normally haggle outside of estate sales, but I really wanted all 3 boxes and wasn’t willing to pay for broken merchandise.  After speaking with the manager, the store gave me a discount for the damage and the holiday sale which made my night!
After removing the broken pieces of glass and wrapping the remaining ornaments safely, I can’t wait until next year to admire them on our tree.
From the Christopher Radko web site: Shiny-Brite™, a re-creation of the uniquely American ornaments and decorations of the 1940s and 50s.

Christmas green and pink - my favorite!

Larger ornaments

Red boxes so brite!

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