Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekend Finds

After a few weekends of so so estate sales our spirits were down and we really weren't expecting much better this weekend. How happy were we when luck was on our side! We met another fantastic duo in Lakewood who host estate sales that even thanked us for being kind buyers! Of course we thanked them for being such great hosts. Not only did we find fellow vintage lovers, but also the pattern dinnerware of our dreams.

We've put together pieces we've found here and there to make a nice Pyrex baking set, some mid century serving bowls and platters and rounding out most of the glassware from wedding gifts. We hadn't found a dinnerware pattern we loved yet. This was pretty much that first sight. The plates are a creamy color and have a diamond and starburst design in a robin eggs blue.  When we got home, I fired up the internet for some research.  Starting with the stamp Nest Stone on the plates, we still didn't find too much information.  According to Replacements LLC the pattern is called NSN1 (Nest Stone 1 maybe, and not too clever if you ask me) and seems to have been manufactured by Stetson China Co for Mar-crest in the 1960s.  Thanks to Modish blog it looks like the official pattern name is Diamond Carousel - a much better name! Enough History - we brought home 4 dinner plates, 2 saucers and a cup. We are excited to begin the hunt for more pieces. We know it's going to be tough, but well worth it. Any "leads" are appreciated.

We headed to a few sales closer to home and found some more great buys. One of the homes had a matching pink Fridgadaire stove top and wall oven. They were absolutely fantastic and also matched the pink bathroom down the hall.

Now that I'm done bragging about what we saw this weekend, I must express my amazement with the teams on Etsy. I didn't quite know how they worked and now that I have taken the time to apply to a few teams, been accepted and read about them, I can see how they will be a great marketing tool. Obviously, exposure of the shop and our products is very important and the teams help shop owners discover new shops and listings. I can honestly say it was really fun getting familiar with the teams we've chosen to be part of. Can't wait for more.

Nest Stone Dinner Plate

Pink Oven!

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