Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

In our family Easter is a great reason to dress up fancy and take the family for a nice brunch. We don't do church but my dad does say grace before every meal we eat together around a table. I don't like the holding hands part in public. I think it makes others uncomfortable, and me just a little too.

We've spent many years at the El Torito brunch buffet with the all you can eat Mexican food and all you can drink champagne. The last few years haven't been too great on service so we classed it up a bit and headed down to Laguna Beach to one of our favorite breakfast joints, The Cottage. They have a fabulous outdoor patio where your furry friends can have breakfast too. We were glad we had thought ahead and made reservations.

They had a select menu for Easter breakfast and we all had something a little different. The Maui Maui Omelet is one of my favorites, but wasn’t on the menu for today so I tried the California Omelet with spinach instead of mushrooms. Jeremy had the Monte Cristo – a delicious turkey and Swiss sandwich served in French toast slices.

After breakfast we took a stroll along the beach and my sister and I even made our way to the tide pools in our dresses. It was a beautiful day well spent with the family that left me wanting some more beach day weather.

Happy Easter!
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    1. Welcome Elvira! Thanks for stopping by.

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