Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Place I Live: Anaheim Coves

Remember last year when I wanted a bike for my birthday? Well, I got my bike, I just didn’t ride it as much as I thought I would. Last weekend the skies were blue with scattered clouds and the weather perfect for a bike ride. I’ve been wanting to take a ride at the Anaheim Coves along the Burris Basin of the Santa Ana River. I managed to talk Jeremy into tossing the bikes in the back of the truck and heading to the river.

I discovered Anaheim Coves through the Anaheim Colony Bike Group and the Anaheim Historical Society’s post about visiting the Coves. The 1.5 mile multi-use trail is surrounded by native plants, benches and signs showing the history of the basin including water usage, birds and plants. These themes are incorporated into metal fences around the basin, protecting the water from contamination. The Burris Basin is a ground water recharging station and a wildlife habitat area. There is a man-made floating island for the birds that feed off the fish in the basin and was placed in the water to encourage nesting.

We started our bike ride at the Lincoln end of the trail. We drove past the small parking lot since it is a bit hidden. After turning around and parking we unloaded the bikes and headed to the trail. We had to stop to put some air in my bike tires which gave us the opportunity to read the first historical sign. It showed how Anaheim settlers chose their home by the river to water their grape vines and then later Valencia oranges and walnut trees.

It was a quiet day on the trails with a few runners and locals walking their dogs so we were able to take our time taking in the view and reading about the history of the river and the basin. Before I knew it we were at the other end of the trail on Ball Road where we took an intermission. Heading back up the trail we stopped for a picnic lunch and then made our way off the Coves trail to the Santa Ana Riverbed Trail. We didn’t go too far, but it was the first time I had seen that part of the River that close. There was actually quite a bit of water and vegetation in the river that you don’t see when driving on the over passes and looking down.

Stay tuned next week for Aloha Golf – the intermission to my Anaheim Coves bike ride.

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