Friday, June 20, 2014

Victory Book Club: A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams, 2013

The summer of 1938 brought a massive hurricane to the North Eastern Coast known as the Great New England Hurricane. As it pummeled through the fictional town of Seaview, Rhode Island, leaving complete destruction in its path, the hurricane put the future back on course for Lily Dane.

Since Memorial Day weekend a storm has been brewing for Lily. Returning summer after summer to Seaview, Lily comes face to face with her former best friend Budgie, who brings along memories, ghosts and old friends from their last year of Smith College in 1931. A Hundred Summers follows Lily as she slowly rejoins her old friends, appearing to let bygones be bygones. The more she gets to know the friends from her past, the more she reevaluates the events that changed her life 7 years ago.

Although the New England hurricane of 1938 was a historical event, this novel is more of a romance than historical fiction. I almost suggest it could be chic lit for the women of the 1930s, but the novel is more tragic than humorous. If you are looking for a quick beach read filled with gin, lovers and high society drama, A Hundred Summers is worth a try. 

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