Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's a Blogiversary!

Have you noticed it has been quiet around here? Yeah, me too.

I have a confession to make. Last month I almost bagged up The Sunshine Grove, tossed it out and had a vision of starting over. Then a friend of mine pointed out that The Sunshine Grove was an ambiguous place. So ambiguous that it could become anything I wanted it to be. If I wanted to talk about vintage and picking up trash, and sometimes add a book review or two, I could. Why? Because The Sunshine Grove is an extension of me.

Finding the perfect content to blog about took finding me.

To be happy and satisfied with The Sunshine Grove, I needed to put more me in what I wrote. So that is what you will find. I’ll share my adventures (and failures) in being chemical free, low plastic, low waste, and more often than not, freaked out by the facts I learn. I will continue to look at the past for inspiration and ideas for living a greener life, because to me living a vintage life isn't about looking the part, but acting the part. Since I’m a sucker for furry dogs and a good book, I’ll probably share stories about those too.

It is with a hearty thank you to all my readers that I celebrate this 3rd Blogiversary with you. Here’s looking to another year, sharing my sustainably vintage life!

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