Monday, November 24, 2014

Luna in the Stars

The Sunshine Grove's Luna in the Stars logo
With the encouragement of family and friends who have heard me advocate for chemical and plastic free skin care, I am thrilled to introduce Luna in the Stars skin care products. I will be handcrafting the products I use myself, and making them available for anyone looking for eco-friendly skin care.

I will be launching Luna in the Stars with two of my favorite products: vegetable based eye makeup remover and lavender sugar scrub. Alongside the skin care products will be hand sewn reusable cotton flannel rounds that take the place of disposable cotton balls, which can be used with the eye makeup remover or to apply toner.

Luna in the Stars will be available on Small Business Saturday at RSSA Vintage & at Voici Holiday Pop Up Shop during the month of December. Both are located at 423 S Brookhurst St in Anaheim, CA.

The Sunshine Grove presents Luna in the Stars skin care

In the meantime, cue up the elevator pitch please:

The Sunshine Grove believes in providing the most eco friendly products while cutting down on waste and the use of plastics. Whenever possible we try to source our materials locally, reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting other local businesses. We believe in nourishing our bodies from the outside with chemical free products that come from nature.

Luna in the Stars skin care products are vegetable based and handcrafted using oils without synthetic preservatives. We are proud to offer simple and clean skin care products for everyday use. Our products are packaged in glass containers that can be reused again and again. To encourage the reuse of our containers we offer a 50 cent credit on our customer’s next purchase with the return of one of our empty containers. Any paper products used for packaging are made of recycled material and can be composted.

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