Monday, March 5, 2012

Collector or Hoarder?

Have you ever started to feel a little bit like a hoarder when collecting something? I’ve been collecting the Nest Stone Diamond Carrousel dinnerware for a few months now and have jumped at many Etsy and Ebay listings. For the most part I’ve collected dinner plates, bowls, saucers and mugs to almost complete a setting for eight. So the fact is I felt like a bit of a hoarder for about 2 seconds but then it passed as soon as two packages arrived knowing they contained more rare pieces of the set.

The first package I received was the Nest Stone serving platter. It is oval with the same beautiful diamond and starburst pattern and is actually in great shape with minimal crazing. It has one tiny little chip on the edge that I am pretty sure Jeremy can fix.

Next I received the crème of the crop! A beautiful deep, round dish in striking blue with a white lid that has the Diamond Carrousel pattern around the top. I suppose it was the casserole dish or vegetable serving bowl. It is exquisite! I think the only thing that can top it is if I were to find the tea and coffee pitchers.

In the bit of research I’ve done, supposedly there are clear glass drinking tumblers with the diamond design around the top, placemats and napkins. I’ve never seen any of these allusive dinnerware pieces, but when I do you bet I’m buying them, hoarder or not!

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