Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Garden Part II

Digging up a garden is hard work. We didn’t have much of a choice when one of our dogs decided to dig their way in and around our raised garden bed. They probably thought they were helping by tilling the soil, but little do they know that is done before the seeds are planted.

After filling the boxes back up with soil we re-planted the onion bulbs which to my surprise already smell like onions. We added red and green bell pepper seeds as well as one of the most popular in our home, spinach.

So far the onions are thriving and the spinach and peppers are beginning to show their green leaves. The lettuce is as fruitful as ever with small strawberry leaves pushing up next to them. The raspberry bush has sprouted many leaves and even has a small bloom.

Thanks to the rain we’ve had this weekend, hopefully within a month or so we’ll have delicious fruit and veggies!

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