Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Finds

What a weekend! Six estate sales, finishing a 5K and a big ol’ rain storm. Glad we had the rain storm Sunday night to recover from the weekend.

The best pick of the weekend was a Silvertone Stereo and Record Player all in a walnut Mid Century buffet cabinet. We had no idea if it worked but at a steal of a price we couldn’t not take it. Once at home we gave it a light dusting and plugged it in. Don’t worry, Jeremy knows his way around electronics so he made sure there wasn’t any danger. The stereo and inside lights turned on immediately. We tuned in a station and played with the balance, bass and volume. The music sounded nice and crisp!

The big test was to see if the record player was still working. We placed a Johnny Cash record on the turntable and held our breath as we placed the needle down. We were all smiles when we heard the lyrics to Boy Named Sue come over the speakers. Jeremy will take his refinishing skills to the hutch and clean it up to be just as good as new. We haven’t found the actual date of production for the unit but hopefully with more digging we can find something.

We also found some smaller kitchen items for the shop. I can’t resist a collection of Pyrex custard cups! I found a set of 3 1960s Lucite serving platters with a diamond design. There are some similar already in the shop, but these ones are smaller. I found a great pair of clip on earrings that were made in West Germany. They are light blue and white and look like they are made from shells. Couldn’t leave those behind.

Ever tried a Cara Cara orange? We did Saturday at the farmer’s market and they are delicious! The outside looks like a regular orange but the inside is like a pink grapefruit. The vendor said that is exactly what they are, however nothing on the web suggests this is true. Insert shrug. They taste amazing which is really what matters.

As if I had forgotten, the cherry on top, the Mad Men season 5 premier!
Silvertone Hutch with Stereo and Record Player

Cara Cara Oranges


  1. That hutch is fantastic! So cool that everything still worked!

    1. We were very excited that everything worked! Now I wish we had more records to play.

  2. That hutch looks like a great find! Nice pickin'. :)


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