Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sew Totally Vintage in L.A.

Sew L.A.

Did someone say book signing and retro picnic? Count me in!

Sunday I spent more time outside (of Orange County) and taking steps towards making more and buying less which are number 3 and 9 of my goals for 2013. I traveled to Los Angeles for the signing and book party for Gretchen Hirsch's sewing book Gertie’s New Book For Better Sewing. Even if you don’t sew, you should check out Gertie’s blog. She has amazing designs that I’ve always wanted to try. Since I am the proud new owner of her book, I’m totally making some new vintage clothes. I already decided, first up will be the pencil skirt with high waist.

Sew L.A.

Sew L.A. in Atwater Village hosted the party. I had never been to their great sewing shop before, but instantly was excited by all of the fabulous fabrics and hard to find sewing patterns. Next time I need a vintage pattern, I know where I’m going! They had plenty of copies of Gertie’s book for sale which was a plus since I hadn’t picked up a copy yet. Displayed around the store were the garments featured in the book which was pretty awesome. Seeing the dresses displayed helped with my “hey, now I can make that too” attitude.

Sew L.A.
I was pretty excited to meet Gertie. If you follow her blog you know she recently dyed her hair pink, so she was pretty easy to spot. We chatted a bit about her visit to my wonderful city of Anaheim the day before. I got my book signed and we took a quick photo at the photobooth.

I can’t wait to get to reading the introduction of the book so I can get to sewing.

By the way, I have the best husband ever. Not only did he come with me to this totally chick event, he drove. Since LA traffic gives me anxiety that was the best thing he could have done. Ever.

Sew L.A.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I haven't heard of the book but I'm always interesed in sewing patterns.


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