Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Katie’s Mail at the Door

What Katie Did

I love receiving mail, especially packages. I received a pink package from Hollywood, CA and had no idea what it could be. Opening the package with care I found two delightful items.

The handwritten postcard notified me that I had won a giveaway I entered at Vixen Vintage blog. Thrilled that I won, I was excited to get into the black package that was wrapped in What Katie Did ribbon and stickers.

What Katie Did

When I entered the contest I had a choice in hosiery. Since I’m not a garter wearin’ gal I chose nude pantyhose with retro gold metallic seams. Since this is my first What Katie Did product I was excited to get my hands on the pantyhose and see what all the hoopla was about.

What Katie Did

First things first, I love the packaging. The postcard and the packaging for the pantyhose don sketches of lovely vintage ladies. Some are wearing shapewear and corsets, with another fastening nylons to her garter. The bullet bras are awesome as are the little details on pantyhose of the bent over gals. 

What Katie Did

The pantyhose themselves are very soft and have a vintage feel to them. If you have ever felt vintage stockings I think you know what I mean. I’m not too graceful when it comes to undergarments so I’m always afraid of ripping mine while pulling them on, but I don’t think this is too big a fear with these since they feel thicker than other pantyhose I’ve worn.
I ordered the M/L size which is to fit ladies from 5’5 to 5’7 and 120 to 175 pounds. They were a bit short on me and I’m 5’7. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they are manufactured in the European Union? In American hosiery I tend to fit best in a Large which is perfect for taller ladies and leaves a bit of room for movement which I prefer. Overall, they are a very nice pair of pantyhose and can't wait to pair them with the perfect dress for a night on the town.

A big thank you to Vixen Vintage for hosting the giveaway, and to “What Katie Did”. I look forward to visiting the new Los Angeles boutique soon.


  1. that so cool! I love surprises in the mail. I recently participated in a swap and I got all of the things in today and it was so nice.


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