Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow on the Beach

Sorry to disappoint but this isn’t about a cocktail. It’s just about snow, on the beach.

When I first saw the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind I remember the scene where there was snow on an ocean beach and that was magical. I didn’t think that happened in real life. The concept of snow on an ocean beach was so foreign to me that I didn’t stop to think that it may just happen on a different coast, or even climate.

Jeremy likes to remind me that I thought snow on a beach didn’t happen in real life, mainly because he thinks it’s funny since he grew up seeing it every winter. I first saw snow on the beach in real life when we flew into Boston in the dead of winter, or as most people call it, February. Looking out of the airplane window down on the Atlantic coast I saw it. Waves were crashing onto sand that was covered in white snow. So it is real. Snow on ocean beaches does exist.

I still haven’t seen snow on an ocean beach up close, but I did get to see snow on lakes and rivers during our trip to Maine. I still find it surreal, and almost not believable.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Snow on the beach looks gorgeous, but it can get painfully cold with the winds blowing off the water.


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