Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bon Voyage with my Honey!

After the big day is over there is nothing like a vacation. I'm so glad that vintage style bathing suits are back in style for lounging by the pool or braving the waves. My grandma wears a vintage suit while in Varadero Beach, Cuba on her honeymoon. Jeremy and I adventured in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Where did you enjoy your honeymoon?

We really hope you've enjoyed our Vintage Wedding Week!


  1. Thank you guys for adding my vintage slippers!!!! Love the vintage bathingsuits!!

  2. Never had a honeymoon but I'm lovin all these vintage finds! :)

  3. hello from a vesties teammate! i just read through all your vintage wedding posts and you are making me want to do it all over again!! hmmm...maybe a big 15 yr. vintage anniversary party???

  4. Hope you had a great time in Mexico! We also went to a Latin American Country - the Dominican Republic. It was our first and probably last time at an all-inclusive. We did Peace Corps right after and realized how much more fun it can be to explore on your own. Of course speaking Spanish also helps a lot!

    I love everything from my grandma's generation so that green night gown is now one of my favorite things!

    BTW - Thanks for linking up to the Eat Make Grow blog hop. I hope you'll link up to this week's as well.


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