Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Other Half

My grandfather sure looked handsome in his all white suit but let’s face it, grooms today bring their own style. I don’t mean the funk of the 1970’s ruffles either. I’ve seen colorful socks, fun boutonnieres and playing up the vintage with skinny ties, bowties and cufflinks. Hey, they have to look good for their bride, right?

And don't forget about the groom's gift! I tried to find some history behind groom and bride gifts given on the wedding day but much was about dowries. I think the groom and bride gift should be small, a token to celebrate the new begining. This was actually one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning. Jeremy always carries a guitar pick in his wallet so I wanted to get him a pick with our initials and wedding date engraved. He loved it! He gifted me a silver bracelet engraved with his name, my name and our dogs names to symbolize our new family. It was perfect.

Groom's Gifts


  1. Cute! Thanks for featuring my bow tie!

  2. I agree the Bride and Groom gift should be a small and special gift. The kinda thing that tugs at your heart and unique to each of them. Great post and thanks for including my cuff links.

  3. Beautiful! This looks really great :)

  4. This is excellent. It is great to see the groom's side of it though, of course, all eyes should be on the bride. But we know her eyes will be just for him.
    Thanks for including our plaid vintage tie. This groom will be lookin' good.
    William Z.

  5. Love that you are sharing such precious family photos...let me guess, was grandpa's name Tony? thanks for sharing IonesAttic's frosty mug set.


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