Monday, August 6, 2012

Vintage Wedding Week

Back in 2010 I was a June bride. It was a convenient time of year with school having finished and the weather in Maine was just perfect. Jeremy and I had a vision for our Maine wedding; a big white tent, paper lanterns, lobster bake and a canoe filled with libations. We were looking to have a more casual celebration where we could wear flip flops during our first dance after being barefoot at our lake ceremony.
Thinking back we probably didn’t include as much vintage in our wedding as we would now. For our reception we used vintage plates and candle holders to make cake stands for the variety of pies we served. We used a vintage metal frame as a chalkboard with instructions for our guests to fill out our guest book. Aside from my dress, most of what I wore to accessorize was vintage too.
Truth be told, it was while searching for wedding accessories that I first found out about Etsy and where I made many of my purchases. I wore a vintage pearl necklace with a rhinestone brooch closure, a feather fascinator with a vintage rhinestone brooch in my hair and rhinestone brooches on my dress. I sewed my own clutch from a pattern purchased on Etsy and added a - you guessed it – rhinestone brooch. Although they weren’t vintage, I purchased my bridesmaid’s gifts and groom’s gift on Etsy and even had a white dress to change into that was custom made.
With the addition of the Etsy wedding registry and FleaMarket Style Magazine announcing the launch of their wedding edition early 2013 it is exciting to know that brides-to-be have so many resources for designing a vintage style wedding.
This week I’m going to share some family photos and some of my favorite Etsy finds for Vintage wedding dresses, bridesmaids, reception decor and the honeymoon.


  1. So sweet! I love your wedding memories! I wish Etsy were more than just a baby site when I got married in early 2006.

    I'm doing a wedding fair in a couple of months and so looking forward to meeting brides looking for amazing brooches and jewellery!

    Is that your wedding jewelery on the white plate? It's fab!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Addy! Yes, that's my wedding jewelry. Good luck with the wedding fair! It sounds like tons of fun.

  2. I love vintage weddings. Thanks for sharing your wedding photo and cool vintage finds.

  3. This is great! Thank you so much! I too love vintage weddings :)

  4. darling and i LOVE seeing the team button! wahoooo for you... what a lovely idea for the wedding. love the canoe full of libations and the lobster bake! xoxoxox ... thanks for being awesome!


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