Monday, May 6, 2013

Aluminum Window Awnings and Patio Covers

West Anaheim is a hub for Ranch homes, many with aluminum awnings. Some are horizontal slats, others vertical. Some are just silver, while others are painted to match the color of the exterior walls and trim. No matter the style or color, they no doubt add a retro appeal to Ranch homes. Of course they have a functional use too by shading rooms from the hot summer sun. An added bonus is hearing the ping of rain fall against the aluminum awnings.

Aluminum window awnings by The Sunshine Grove

The National Park Service Preservation Brief of Awnings describes aluminum awnings as being widely available by the 1950s due to being longer-lasting with lower maintenance than canvas awnings. The awnings were much more common with homeowners who could paint the slats, or pans, “to create stripes or other decorative patterns” as well as arrange them horizontally or vertically.
Aluminum window awnings by The Sunshine Grove

Aluminum kept the awning relevant to the postwar ranch house and afforded an economical way to update older structures. Colorful awnings helped suburban dwellers distinguish their homes from other, similar, models in the neighborhood.”
- National Park Service

Flexalum Aluminum window awnings advertisement 1961 by The Sunshine Grove
This Flexalum Aluminum Awning advertisement appeared in Better Homes and Garden July 1961 issue. Our Ranch became well dressed in 1961 with two window awnings and a matching aluminum patio cover. The window awnings are still on the windows, but the patio cover removed years ago. Aluminum home awnings may be a thing of the past, but they add such a great retro look to Ranch homes. Retro Renovations has compiles a list of places you can still order aluminum awnings for your Ranch home. 

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