Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Show and Tell with Rita from Sammy's Grammy Vintage

I began to collect vintage items for my home from the very onset of my “one and only” marriage, homemaking, mothering, chauffer-ing, cheering, baking, cooking, canning, nursing, gardening, loving, shopping, knitting. Reason being: in the beginning we were too poor to buy new things. If I remember correctly, the first antique we bought was a round oak dining table and 4 chairs. The poor, old antique chairs could not stand up under the pressure of 4 males (1 husband and 3 sons) who leaned back on the chairs, putting their weight on the 2 back legs of said chairs until the chairs collapsed. Next purchase: a new set of “old” chairs. And new house rule: “NO LEANING BACK ON THE CHAIRS”. The beautiful table still resides in my dining room (covered in a cloth I made from red toile). 

That was the beginning of my love affair with vintage. One of the things I loved to hunt for at estate sales was vintage table linens, especially napkins, looking for the ones with embroidered monograms, tatting on the edges, or crocheted edges. Once I had enough of them to satisfy the drawers of my vintage armoire, I still was addicted to hunting for them. What to do, what to do? My answer to this quandary – re-purpose them and sell the results. So began my long association with BORN AGAIN ANGELS. Unfortunately, the angel craze seems to be passe’. I sold the last one in my etsy shop at Christmastime. I do have one of them “hanging” in each room of my house. My addiction to estate sales is still intense. I buy what I can remake, re-purpose, re-imagine into something adorable for my shop.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my collection of vintage goodies. It's fun to see them online.............


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