Monday, May 20, 2013

Metalcraft Products Steel Furniture

Metalcraft Products out of Lynwood, California sure knew how to appeal to the housewife and working husband during the atomic age. Offering furniture made of "Space-Age Materials" – or steel – their designs offered strength and durability, the ease of cleaning and yet appealed to the Mid Century Atomic look.
The “people proof family furniture” for the living and dining room combined tubular steel frames with wood tones, foam filled cushions with a vinyl finish and durable plastic table tops.
In the children’s room, bunk beds made of the same strong steel were tough enough for boys, but more delicate paint colors made them likeable for girls too. Matching chests and desks completed the child’s bedroom and were also made to last and easy to clean. I’m loving the aqua and blue Deluxe Model bedroom set!

For the unexpected overnight guest, Metalcraft Stowaway and Rollaway beds solved the problem. The steel framed beds could be used at home in a spare bedroom, or while camping and were easy to store at just 7 inches thick.

I wish I was able to find out more information about the company, but I didn’t find much out there. If you do, please leave a comment.

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  1. Do you by any chance know when MetalCraft was in production? I have a dinnette set I bought at a yard sale and would love to be able to put a date to it. I am thinking 60's but who knows.


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