Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Show and Tell with Sara from Sarara Vintage


Photos by Sarara Vintage All Rights Reserved
I have been collecting antique and vintage jewelry since I can remember. I also started designing accessories early as well. So, needless to say, I chose to discuss an art deco Egyptian Revival style 1920s armband. I purchased this estate item with the intent to put it up in the shop. I collect Navajo jewelry, 1920s, and art deco pieces as well as 70s designer necklaces. I wear large jewelry, I mean really big! That said, I try to separate business from pleasure and have sent many an item that I would love to have owned up for sale. I think that is what makes a good selection for your brand. Are you practically crying because you’re selling it? Not everything you sell should be your style, but I say edit because it still needs to be amazing.

This piece is a thick gilt stamped brass band with Egyptian style figures, flora and deco designs all around it! And it is CHUNKY. Each time I go to sell it I just can’t, it fits me well and honestly, as I love Egyptian Revival, this is a deal breaker. I have tried to find information about the maker but cannot dig anything up. My obsession with the art deco era designs, especially those of the 20s is based on my appreciation of the aesthetic at the time. Jewelry pieces of this era are often too small for me. I usually gravitate towards the chunky flapper beads and bangles from the 20s. You can see a whole collection split between my Etsy shop and Sarara Vintage Couture where my focus is such jewelry.
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